Types Of Formal Shoes For Men And Which One To Prefer


As a man, you should always put an extra effort to choose the right shoes for you. Whether you are going out for a meeting, drinking with friends or a casual day out, your latest bata shoes collection should represent your personality.

Moreover, the charm of your ensemble would increase multifold if you are wearing formal bata shoes of right pattern and colour along with it. A pair of classic black shoes match with almost everything and anything but if you want to leave an impact on the people around you, you should pay attention to the kind of formal bata shoes you are going to wear.

Oxford Shoes 

Oxford shoes take the prime spot amongst the list of formal bata shoes. If you are meeting an important client or going to a business meeting, a pair of Oxfords will make you look more professional and sincere.

Oxford shoes are generally made of leather and have a thin, non-rubber sole and a low instep. The most distinguishing element of these shoes it is closed lacing, which makes it elegant footwear. You can always choose a black pair but a dark brown or tan colour looks striking as well.

Derby Shoes

They are similar to Oxford shoes. The only difference is that the lacing is sewn on the shoes’ outside. They come in a wide range of materials and colours, and various styles, such as cap-toed, wing-tipped, non-brogue, brogue, etc. If you are looking for a pair of bata shoes to be worn with smart-casual attire and not for elegant formal suits, you can choose these shoes.

Wingtips Or Brogues 

Brogues are simply leather dress shoes with a unique decorative stitch, serration and perforated design on top. They are usually found in four styles – Derby, monk, ghillie, Oxford, and four toe cap types – longwing, quarter, semi-, full. A pair of full brogue bata shoes have pointed and decorated toe cap along with extended wings.

Semi-brogues have perforation along the toe cap’s edge and center. The quarter brogue shoe has perforations only on the edge of the cap, and are the simplest ones. They go well will with any type of formal wear.


Loafers lack laces or buckles and can be paired with casual, formal, and sporty look. A classic pair of loafers are slip-on shoes with a flat and wide heel, and a moc-toe construction. Decoration may include metal snaffles, tassels, or a leather strap.

If you want to go for a formal pair of loafers, choose the darker ones with simpler and sleeker designs. Always wear sock underneath your loafers unless you are sporting a completely casual look.

Monk Straps 

These shoes do not have any religious connotations attached to them but are unique. People who want to draw attention to their extraordinary taste should choose such a pair. Monk straps shoes do not have laces but have one-three buckled straps.

Summing Up 

If you want to look professional and formal, you should go for Oxfords or Brogues. In case you are looking for something more casual, you can choose loafers of Derby shoes. With this guide, we hope that your confusions regarding formal shoes are over.

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