Those Lost Sunglasses Are a Testament to Summer Fun


How often do you replace your sunglasses? Perhaps you are the kind of person who can get 2 to 3 years out of a pair before they eventually wear out. Or perhaps you are the person who seems to set your sunglasses down and forget where you left them. For you, buying sunglasses every couple of months has become a ritual.

For everyone who falls into the second category, summer is an expensive season. You lose your first pair sometime around Memorial Day weekend. You are good to go until Independence Day, then you lose your second pair. Say goodbye to pairs three and four during your two-week summer vacation. You are on to pair number five by Labor Day.

Though buying multiple pairs of sunglasses in a single season might be frustrating, look on the bright side: all of those lost sunglasses are a testament to the fact that you are enjoying plenty of summer fun. You are getting out there and doing things instead of sitting at home staring at a screen.

Ways to Prevent Losing Your Shades

Losing your shades is almost always a matter of setting them down and forgetting to pick them up when it’s time to move on. You might be distracted by a good conversation. You might have an emergency involving one of your kids. Whatever the case, you leave your sunglasses behind for someone else to enjoy.

Olympic Eyewear, a sunglasses wholesaler out of Salt Lake City, recommends the following tips for preventing future losses:

  • Get a Strap – The best way to prevent setting your sunglasses down and forgetting about them is to not set them down in the first place. You can accomplish this by getting a strap. Your sunglasses hang from your neck when they’re not on your face.
  • Use Your Head – You can avoid setting down your sunglasses by simply shifting them up to the top of your head. You might still forget where they are, but they will at least remain on your person.
  • Use a Case – Storing your sunglasses in a case whenever you are not wearing them forces you to think about what you’re doing when you take them off. You are a lot less likely to forget a case, especially if you stick it in a pocket or purse right away.

Maybe none of these ideas work for you. So how do you prevent losing your car keys? How do you manage to not lose your wallet or purse? If you can prevent losing those other things, there has to be a way to keep track of your sunglasses.

Don’t Break the Bank

One other thing we should talk about before closing this post is the amount of money you spend replacing lost sunglasses. If you are a big fan of designer brands costing hundreds of dollars apiece, summer could send you into bankruptcy. Thankfully, it does not have to be that way.

You can buy a good pair of designer sunglasses for less than $50. Still, you do not even have to spend that much. If you are willing to shop at flea markets, department stores and pharmacies, you can buy good sunglasses with adequate UV protection for $15 or less.

Remember, losing multiple pairs of sunglasses every summer is a testament to your heightened level of activity. Look on the positive side of things. And if you lose that $15 pair sunglasses at the beach, no big deal. Hit the department store on the way home. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll offer you a bulk pricing discount.

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