The Seven hair Sins by Kevin Murphy


Quitting bad habits can change your life. Every day, without knowing it, we make a lot of mistakes and slowly destroy our hair. To prevent it, read this article!

  1. Washing the hair in a hurry

If you use sulfate shampoo, then two to three minutes of active massage of the scalp will be enough. If you usually use a sulfate-free shampoo, then you need 5-6 minutes. Ideally all this time you need to massage the scalp. The scalp and roots need to be cleaned while rubbing the strands are pointless and even harmful – the hair cuticle could be injured and overdried.

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  1. Applying conditioner for 30 seconds and rinse it off immediately

Apply the coditionук on damp hair, 5 centimeters from roots, and spread it along the whole length. Leave for 3-5 minutes. The same amount of time should be spent on rinsing off the product. Otherwise, you will get a not healthy shine, but greasy. The product will weigh down your hair and it will get dirty faster.

  1. Drying hair right after the shower

Never dry your hair immediately after a shower. First of all, you need to dry it with a towel, and then let it dry naturally (at least 5 minutes). During the drying process, not only the temperature regime is important, but also the direction of the air. The airflow should be directed to the hair at an angle, along with the growth of the cuticle. This way you can avoid damage, and at the same time seal the cuticle. In order for the hair to simply dry, you need warm air, and to make styling – hot. Do not forget to apply heat protection before drying the hair.

  1. Tight ponytails

Recently high ponytails became popular again. This hairstyle can be considered as one of the most dangerous for hair. Due to the strong tension in the root zone, the weakest area of the head, the temples, and the edge line suffer, the hair splits and breaks. The only solution is not to overuse this kind of hairstyle, leaving the hair tied up for no more than two hours.

  1. Not caring for your scalp

We all know how to cake for our face skin but how about the scalp? Our head skin is sensitive. It needs peels and masks, as our face skin, or hair. Usually, the head skin is the same as on the face: oily, dry, sensitive, or normal. All this you need to know when you choose scalp treatment. D-panthenol and essential oils will help to get rid of irritations, peeling with lactic and hyaluronic acids will relieve peeling, and in case of overactive sebaceous glands, choose products with herbal ingredients, for example, green and white tea extracts.

  1. Stiff comb

Brushing can cause the same damage as heat styling to your hair. There are two key rules: first, you need to brush your hair smoothly, starting at the ends and gradually working upward. Secondly, for daily use, it is better to choose brushes with soft bristles.

  1. Overheating styling tools

Wet hair and high temperatures are incompatible things, so reduce the temperature: to 140 ℃ for damp hair and 180 ℃ for dry. Anything above turns the hair into combustion products. Another important detail: do not curl the hair after using the varnish. With heat, alcohol ignites and burns the hair. You might not notice it, but in the long term “baked” hair definitely will not have a healthy, shiny, and smooth look.

Are you guilty of these hair sins?

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