Bite Beauty Multistick


A few weeks ago, I received the new Bite Beauty Multisticks, a stick for lips, cheeks, and eyes! This new stick comes in various shades (here) including some tan, nudes, pinks and even a vibrant violet shade. The best thing about these multisticks is that it applies like a cream, but wears like a powder! Therefore it is weightless and very easy to apply. But that is not all, this makes it super easy to blend (with your fingers or a brush) when used as blush or eyeshadow.

After using these three shades for several weeks, I have to say that I’m obsessed! My favorite one is the macaroon, as it gives a cute pinkish look and looks great when used for blush and lips in the same look. I have been using this non-stop almost every day! Also, it is a great item to carry in your bag and do fast retouches with. The blondie shade is a nude beige and it is a great nude. I prefer using it for blush and eyeshadow, as I’m not sure I can rock this shade as lipstick. And the other one I received is the Cocoa, a deep chocolate brown shade. This one has to be the toughest shade to use. It is a very dark brown and kinda tricky! I use it mostly as blush, but my secret is to not put much pressure when applying it.

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