How To Match Your Hair Style With A Prom Dress?


As the prom night is approaching quickly, you may have picked your right prom dress and matching accessories. Now the only left thing left is a perfect hairstyle for your prom dress. From that up-do to down-do and from everything that comes in-between, there are countless options for hairstyles that you may love to have.

Even though the styles for prom dresses are endless, here we bring some of the latest hairstyles that are in trend:

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Are you looking for a hairstyle that makes you happy like how you are always? If your prom dress is strapless, then you should try a ponytail. A great way to enhance the details of a strapless dress is tying up the hair in a beautiful ponytail. It’s a sleek yet playful look to add visual balance to those sexy bare shoulders. It shows off your femininity. Also, it is a key to avoiding hiding your locks in a bun.

You can also try a bouncy hairstyle too. Make an inner Snooki with a bump from the top and add some curls towards down to give some volume to your ponytail. Do not forget wrapping a hairpiece around the hair bun. This style can remain as it is for an entire night.


Does the prom dress show off your killer back with details? Other is various up-do to accent it. The high ballerina bun is great hairstyle to highlight each detail of your dress you wear. For an asymmetrical intricately designed and one shoulder prom dress, you should remember to get complete attention on your dress. Therefore hide your mane with one high tight updo. It should look gorgeous yet sleek.

For a high neckline or turtleneck dress, the perfect matching hairstyle is messy updo. Just pull your hair back simply, sleep up and steal that lovely attention from your perfect gown. A fancy updo can also look stunning. Not only it keeps your hair look beautiful but also ensures the details of your beautiful dress no one misses out. You can try a trendy topknot or low chignon bun.


If you want a more stylish and glamorous look, then voluminous and bug curls locks are extremely great for your look. You can tell you, hairstylist, to first tease the hair top and bring it to your preferred side to get that red carpet look. It will not only show up the natural elegance of your hair, but it also accents those elegant and glamorous look that you wanted.

This hairstyle most commonly matches low and elaborate necklines. When you wear your hair down to one side will create a classic yet fun and flirty, feminine look. Also, this will not take away that attention from long prom dresses as all expect.


If all the drama of your prom dress comes in front means, try to pull your hair waves down. It allows everyone is admiring each detail of your dress along with your beautiful hair.

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