Outfit: Yellow handbag

Last week I finally went to SCS (Shopping City Süd) for a shopping spree in Primark! I got a bunch of things that make me love these colder days… can’t wait to make some outfit posts and show you all my new things! I also bought a pair of Zara sneakers, they look so beautiful […]


Mozzarella Mac n Cheese

My favorite food is comfort food… so mac n cheese is definitely on the list! But sometimes, I like to change those beloved recipes a little and try new flavours. This time, my husband got too much mozzarella and I had to come up with new meals!!! This mozzarella mac n cheese recipe turned out […]


DIY: Another beauty box makeover

If you also receive a monthly beauty box, then you might have wonder what to do with all those beautiful boxes! I first came up with the idea of glueing flowers on them (you can see that DIY here), but I already have many of those… and wanted to do something different. For this beauty […]


7 places I want to visit

New Orleans, LA I’ve been wanting to go to New Orleans since always! Even though I always loved country music, my interest for the US south started during my first visit to NC. Sadly, I couldn’t go to New Orleans during my semester in TN… so I hope I can go soon! I really want […]


Outfit: Chasing the sun

Inspired by Hilary Duff’s office outfit in her last music video, Chasing the sun, I put together this look… that has me wishing for summer! Growing up I used to love Hilary Duff, so when I found out that she was releasing a new album… I was both concerned and excited. I do not hate the […]

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Vacation wishlist

Every time I go on a trip I have an imaginary wishlist of things I would love to pack and be able to use during my few days abroad. Most of the times, these items would be really useful and I end up buying them once I’m there, but this is not the case. As […]



I love the idea of having personalized or monogramed things… whenever I get the chance, I put my name and designs on anything! Maybe that’s why I love painting my own mugs and embossing my handbags. You can imagine that deciding which cases to get was a no-brainer… Caseable is the best option for personalized […]


My favorite Primark dress

One of the things I love the most about Primark is that it is the only store where I can buy clothes without trying them on… and I do not need to return them cause they all fit great! This may be something normal for many, but it is definitely not for me! And it […]


Book club: Orange is the new black

When I decided to include Orange is the new black in Novelstyle’s book club, I was not sure if it would fit with the fashion theme the book club has but I did it because I really wanted to read it! To my surprise, this book might be the one with more fashion references! It’s incredible […]


New in: Woody sunglasses

Some days ago I received my first pair of Woody sunglasses and I cannot even explain how beautiful they are! Woody is a small austrian business that makes wooden sunglasses… but each piece is like a piece of art, as they are actually made by art design students in Poland! Their simple yet classy and […]

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