It’s all about the layers

We had winter in Austria, but that was nothing compared to this! Indiana’s winter is the mother of all winters… and I have been to Iceland, which is supposed to be super cold. But even though the days are freezing and windy, and the floors are super slippery, I’m absolutely in love with my new […]


Adore Me review

On time for Valentine’s day, Influenster and Adore Me sent me a free lingerie set of my choice. After going through all their beautiful pieces, I decided to go for the Maria unlined, a balconette bra and hipster made with great quality materials… and it has bows! You all know I love bows! Adore me […]


DIY Wood welcome sign

As you might know, I recently moved from Austria to Indiana! And I have been super busy decorating our new home. Just last week our container full of furniture arrived. Which means, that I was really entertained unpacking and organizing. And yes, this is my excuse for my blog absence. I’m not happy I couldn’t […]


How to make your dog’s crate cuter

Growing up, my dogs never had a crate… so when I started to read books about puppies and they all recommended crate training, I felt like I would never be able to lock my little pug on one! First I purchased a fabric crate with two windows that I would leave open and then close […]


New in: Kitchen Aid

After mixing a banana bread completely by hand, I decided to splurge and get the coveted Kitchen Aid! The amount of different colors stole my thoughts for a whole week. Should I get the Watermelon or the Pistachio green? Maybe the cornflower blue it’s better… or yellow… or lavander?! And then I saw the Bayleaf green […]


Banana bread with chocolate chips

Last weekend I baked a Banana bread with chocolate chips that turned out amazing! And the best part is… it was the first time I used a bundt pan, and the cake came out perfect! Nothing was left inside nor it break while removing it. It may sound like a super silly thing to be […]


Book Club: Yes please

To be honest, I’m not really excited with this book. I think my expectations were to high… as a huge SNL and Parks and Recreation fan I though it would be an amazing book, like Bossypants by Tina Fey! That book was hilarious… the chapter about the cruise trip is still one of the funniest […]


The calm before the snow

I feel like it’s been ages since my last post! Don’t wanna give excuses, but I was super busy studying for my driving knowledge exam. In case you are wondering, I passed! And I’m now the proud owner of a Learner’s license… which means I’m only allowed to drive with my husband. Gladly, by summer […]


Apple pie recipe

Yesterday, I finally had a few minutes to put together a super yummy apple pie! As the container from Austria did not arrive at our new home in Indiana, I had to manage and bake it with the few things we own. Hence the weird shape of what was supposed to be a round pie […]


Love birds sweater

Little by little, I have been checking all the stores around here. My favorite one is Target… but I also love Kohl’s! The Lauren Conrad collection is so beautiful! I even shared on Instagram a gorgeous bedding set that sadly was only available in queen size. I tried a bunch of things on, but as […]

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