Hello Novelstyle shop!

  It is time to celebrate! I am excited to tell you that my little Novelstyle shop is now online and ready to take your orders  We have been working really hard on this project, trying to make it all perfect for you. I really hope you love it as much as we do! To […]


Cathleen rose dress

One of the brands that will be available (in just 2 days!) at Novelstyle shop, is Louche. I was first introduced to this lovely London brand during last year’s Bread and Butter… and Im so glad I kept their info! There will be several pieces available at the store, but the Cathleen Rose dress is one is […]


Daisy dress

  Summer in Indiana is gorgeous and very humid. But the very best part is my backyard… I get to see different animals every day! These adorable goose walk everyday right next to my window and are hanging out in the lake all afternoon. They are so cute! We also have turtles, rabbits, ducks, and […]



When I first heard about Rocksbox, it took me a little while to fully understand how amazing the idea of renting jewellery is. My first thought was, why would I spend 20 dollars per month in renting jewellery if I do not get to keep it? And that’s when I realised that I do spend […]


Backstage at Novelstyle shop

  During the last months, I have been working really hard on something that I’m super excited about. This is Novelstyle shop, an online fashion destination for those who love playing dress-up and expressing themselves through fashion. Novelstyle believes that clothes let you create your own story! In just a few weeks, Novelstyle will finally […]


Ethnic dress

The last weeks have been amazing! I spent most of the time working really hard for Novelstyle shop. The photoshoot and product pictures are all done, so it will be just a few days until you get to see everything, including the store! I cannot wait And to give you a sneak peek… in this […]


Chocolate & Strawberry muffins

You know that moment when you go grocery shopping and you are feeling very …healthy? So you buy tons of fruits and veggies. Well, that happened to me a few days ago… I got all kinds of berries… and they all got wasted before I could even have some! The only ones that were still […]


Summer days

Ok, seems that I’m very much in love with Old Navy and Keds! I did not realise till now how many dresses I got this summer… but they are all so cute and comfy, kinda irresistible! And my Cedar Street Maise handbag in Geranium matches all of them, it actually works with anything in my […]


Straw boater

There are so many things I want to tell you! In the next few months there will be some changes around here, the biggest one is novelstyleshop.com! I do not want to ruin the surprise, but I can tell you that Im working very hard to create something new and completely different. Hopefully, it will be […]


Kate Spade obsession

Back in april, to celebrate my birthday… I decided to splurge and get some things at Kate Spade. I’m absolutely obsessed with everything they have but never considered buying their clothes, as they are the same price as the bags… and I will always go for the handbag! But once I tried these pieces on, […]

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